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painters coveralls cotton:How to handle the reach certification cycle process for protective clothing

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painters coveralls cotton:How to handle the reach certification cycle process for protective clothing


Reach certification is charged according to the materials. The cost depends on the product, and the price will be different for different products.

In order to reach a long-term partnership with customers, the reach certification fees reported to customers are reasonable,

We will use a short time and reasonable cost to help your products pass the reach certification, so as to sell smoothly to the global market.

Reach system, translated into Chinese, is the EU's long-term consideration for the protection of human health and environmental safety,

At the same time, in order to improve the competitiveness of EU chemical industry and pursue social sustainable development, a unified chemical monitoring and management system will be established.

REACH regulations mainly manage the registration, evaluation, licensing and restriction of more than 30000 chemicals and their downstream textile, light industry, pharmaceutical and other products.

It will replace more than 40 existing EU directives and regulations on chemicals, covering a wide range.

Registration has a great impact on enterprises in the regulations. For new substances with more than 1 ton, manufacturers and importers should complete registration 60 days after the new regulations come into force.

[reach system implementation schedule] chemicals registered, evaluated and approved according to the new rules and regulations proposed by the European Commission (realization) October 29, 2003 (meeting (03) 644 (01)

It is to better protect human health and improve the environment and discover the characteristics of chemicals as soon as possible

At the same time, the improvement of innovation ability and competitiveness of EU chemical industry The realization of welfare system will gradually become material realization

The scope of responsibility of the proposal is to manage the hazardous chemicals industry and provide material safety information Manufacturers and importers must be aware of the characteristics of the drugs concerned,

Enable them to safely manage and register the data center database A system implementation in which a chemical organization acts as the center: the operating system will be required from the database to cooperate with the in-depth evaluation of the management of suspicious chemical substances, and consumers can threaten information in the public database.

"On 27 June 2006, after two years of the original proposal of the negotiating conference, the European Parliament jointly reached a position. The Conference welcomed and fully supported the common position and believed that, in accordance with the balanced Lisbon goals and the remarkable improvement of innovation ability,

Realize the health and environmental benefits of European citizens. After reaching the agreement during the second reading, we will do our best to assist the agreement, which is expected to be realized by the end of 2006. "It is understood that the reach regulation was officially read out in November 2005 through a plenary vote of the European Parliament,

The second formal reading will be held in October this year. If the agreement can be read out publicly for the second time, reach will officially take effect from April 1, 2007; If no agreement can be reached, reach will still enter into force in mid-2007.

[rationale principle of reach system] "a chemical substance is unsafe before it has been proved to be safe.

”This is an important theoretical basis for the reach system that has been brewing for many years and will be officially implemented in the EU. This principle will be based on the previous hypothetical principle: "a chemical substance is safe as long as there is no evidence that it is dangerous."

[impact of reach system on China] the REACH regulations scheduled to be implemented in 2006 will have a significant impact on the world's petrochemical, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other related industries. It is estimated that 5 million goods currently sold in the EU market will be affected.

The chemical registration, assessment and approval (reach) policy proposed by the EU will bring new topics to China's inspection and quarantine staff in law enforcement and supervision.

Reach regulation is an unprecedented green trade barrier, and many Chinese enterprises will face a severe test in the EU market. For China, industries such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides and textiles, clothing, shoes, toys and furniture that widely use chemicals will be "implicated" by reach.

Registration has a great impact on enterprises in the regulations. Registration not only raises the market threshold of the EU, but also the huge registration fees that most small and medium-sized enterprises cannot afford. In addition, reach regulation involves not only chemical manufacturers, but also importers, downstream industries and other fields.

Once reach comes into effect, EU chemical producers or exporters will undoubtedly transfer huge testing costs to downstream enterprises, which will increase costs for Chinese chemical import enterprises. How to apply for reach certification?

1: Customer inquiry (telephone, QQ, email)

2: Confirm the price and time of reach certification

3: Contract signing and payment

4: Fill in the application form and submit the sample for inspection

5: The product is subject to reach test

6: Report of reach certificate issued by the laboratory

Reach certification cycle:

The cycle is 5-7 working days

Reach certification application data:

1.2 samples

2. Fill in the application form

3. Provide bill of materials (BOM)

4. Product manual



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