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safety precautions for painting works

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safety precautions for painting works

Painters, like painters, often work at heights. Generally, in order to avoid accidents during construction, painters will take some safety protection measures to protect themselves during construction. What are these specific security measures?

safety precautions for painting works

1. Prepare for personal protection. Wear gas masks, chemical gloves, eye masks and work clothes before construction. Do not expose your body to the construction environment.

safety precautions for painting works

2. Fireworks are prohibited in the construction site and warehouse. Some components in the paint cannot encounter open fire. Fire prevention must be carried out during construction. In addition, painters should master the usage of fire extinguishers to protect themselves in case of fire.

safety precautions for painting works

3. During high-altitude operation, fasten the high-altitude safety belt, and stabilize the tools and paint bucket to prevent the construction personnel from slipping or tools from falling.

safety precautions for painting works

4. The distribution box and other live equipment cannot be painted within 1 meter. And it cannot be constructed on the running equipment.

safety precautions for painting works

5. Open flame operations such as electric welding and cutting are strictly prohibited within 10m of the paint construction site.

safety precautions for painting works

6. When mixing paint, be sure to wear gas masks to prevent inhalation of harmful substances released from paint.

safety precautions for painting works

7. When handling burrs, prepare not only gas masks, but also protective eye masks. No one is allowed on the opposite side of the construction.

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