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What is the problem with disposable clothing?

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What is the problem with disposable clothing? 

What is the problem with disposable clothing?

What is the problem with disposable clothing? 

1. It is easy to suffer from gynecological diseases. The quality of disposable underwear varies. Some women are greedy and buy poor quality underwear. In addition, the product packaging is not strictly sterilized, and the hygienic quality is very poor. You must know that the underwear is in direct contact with the vulva. The skin of the vulva is very sensitive. Wearing unhygienic underwear for a long time is easy to breed bacteria, invade the vagina, and induce vaginal...

2. Easy to skin allergies At present, most of the disposable underwear on the market are made of non-woven fabrics, but this material is synthetic fiber. The fabric not only has poor absorption capacity, but also poor breathability. After the underwear is firm, the fabric will be close to the skin. After a long time, the skin will be irritated, the skin will be allergic, itchy, the vulva skin will be uncomfortable, and the skin will not be scratched casually.

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